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Dah agak lama tak menulis tentang buku yang aku baca. Setelah hampir setahun (kalau tak silap) aku beli buku ni, baru this weekend habis baca. Itupun hanya sepintas lalu, banyak juga yang terpaksa aku skip, kalau tak sebulan lagi pun belum tentu habis dibaca. Maklumlah setebal 809 mukasurat tak termasuk glossary.
Buku yang bertajuk : A Doctor In The House – The Memoirs of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. 
Kalau 5 tahun lepas, sudah tentu aku takkan beli dan baca buku ni. Dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang tak boleh dengar pun nama Dr. Mahathir, apatah lagi nak baca buku ni. Kalau tengok TV tiba2 keluar pasal Dr. Mahathir, automatik channel akan bertukar ke channel Siam (kat Kelantan senang dapat channel Siam) ditambah pula dengan kata2 yang tidak wajar diucap didepan anak2. OK full stop, nanti emosional pulak.

Berikut adalah petikan yang menarik bagi aku yang dipetik dari buku ini (setakat yang sempat) : 
1. “I realised then that people’s adulation of those who are in power is rarely sincere or permanent. Losing your position means losing the praise once conferred upon you. 
Aku : Sebab tulah ramai orang politik yang tak reti2 nak bersara. It’s addicted.
2. “Being a parent is a great accomplishment and it also feels like a windfall of good luck. Having children to care for also makes you feel immortal – you know that they are going to survive you, that they will have children of their own and that a part of you will always live on through them.”
3. “The truth was that Tun Hussein did not know Tun Ghafar very well and perhaps did not consider him well qualified. As for Tengku Razaleigh, Tun Hussein remembered very well how, as Finance Minister, the prince had bypassed him to deal directly with the Prime Minister. I believe I was chosen by default, as Tun Hussein’s “least worst option”, and not because of any particular virtue that I may have had.”
4. “It had to be a hostile takeover – several parties would have to buy shares in coordination, striking as soon as the London Stock Exchange opened in the morning. That was what we did in what came to be known as the Dawn Raid.”
5. “Share ownership was new to most Malay. They did not value it as much as the ownership of landed property or gold ornaments. It took a long time before they considered ownership of shares as an appropriate and strategic way of holding wealth.”
6. “Many see only what they wish to see. When what is placed before their eyes seems not to be in keeping with their preconceived ideas, their perception of things, the tendency is to reject it. For me that is simply human nature and it has to be accepted.” 
Aku : We believe what we want to believe… from perspective that we want to see. Hang cakap lah apa pun. 

7. “But how anyone could believe this, I really could not understand. To conspire against Anwar in this way I would have had to take the police, the Attorney-General and his prosecutors, their witnesses, the judge, the forensic laboratory experts and many others into my confidence. Surely someone in this small army of co-conspirators would have eventually leaked details of our plot to the public.”

8. “A number of other cars that were given to me as gifts during my years in office are on display for public viewing at the Perdana Gallery in Langkawi. I never owned them. I regarded all of them as Government property when I received  them as Prime Minister.”
Melalui buku ini juga kita dapat tahu serba sedikit bagaimana cara nak menguruskan negara, boleh diguna pakai untuk menguruskan syarikat dan juga jabatan.
p/s : last sekali tulis pasal buku yang aku baca adalah tahun lepas. Pasal buku Azizi Ali : how to pay off your house loan in 5 years or less.

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