8th Anniversary with Petronas!

01 August yang lepas, genaplah 8 tahun aku mencari rezeki dengan PETRONAS…. so far it was wonderful experience working with Petronas especially at Kerteh area. Jika diberi pilihan… I would prefer to stay here forever…. for me this kind of place is much2 better to grow up our kids if compared to the kota metropolitan….. but we never know…. as long as you are Petronas staff you must be ready to be transfered elsewhere even to the oversea.

Tahun2 mendatang, aku dapat rasakan the competition is getting tougher…. kalau dulu sebagai junior executive…. hidup lebih enjoy…. nothing else to think…. just find the opportunity to gain the experience. But now, I have to prepare…. I have to be ready if I want to move further in career with Petronas. It just a beginning of new journey which I also not sure about the future…. but I think I will be ready when the times come.

gambar lama (tak silap tahun 2005) memakai baju Petronas.

Semoga Petronas terus maju!

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