SRK Princess of The Year 2009

Last Saturday, we all went to Smart Reader Kids (Paka) Concert & Graduation Day held at Mesra Mall, Kerteh…. This is the 2nd time we went to this kind of events, the previous was last year… at that time Anis was 5 years old. This time more special becoz it also a graduation day for Anis… next year akan start standard 0ne at SK Sri Paka II.

Anis buat 2 persembahan, satu adalah lagu Para2 Sakura dan satu lagi lagu hindustan “boom2 chale”… kalau tak silap tajuk dia…:)

Every year SRK akan mengumumkan Prince & Princess of the year… yang mana dipilih megikut tahap pembelajaran anak2…. happen to be Anis is the fastest learner at SRK Paka this year… so the princess award goes to wan anis syakirah….

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