Beware of The New Launch Property

Recently, I’ve came across with this article :

There is something to think about. As I see it, the new launch property nowadays dah jadi macam hot cakes. Sold out very2 fast. Maybe level of awareness orang2 kita tentang property investment dah meningkat… bagus tu.
Tapi elok kita renungkan kata2 dari billionaire ni maybe boleh dijadikan panduan.

“Be Fearful When Others are Greedy and Greedy When Others are Fearful” – Warren Buffet (taken from above article).

Aku tak reti sangat nak komen pasal benda2 ni tapi melalui permerhatian aku banyak betul kondo/apartment/landed baru kat area KL ni especially yang high end – maknanya the demand is there! 

Gambar Hiasan

Gambar Hiasan

Andai kata property bubble berlaku kat Malaysia, certainly not now…. jika berlaku pun at least 2-4 years from now. Why? by that time, these new properties will test the market! 

We also can read the article by Robert Kiyosaki The Eye of the Recession’s Storm

As for me in 2011, I’ll stick to my plan.

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