kenapa azizi ali jual rumah?

Tahun 2010 dan awal 2011, aku banyak dengar cerita pasal ‘taiko2’ property yang let go kebanyakan property yang mereka miliki atau dalam bahasa yang lebih mesra alam ‘portfolio restructure’… salah seorangnya adalah Azizi Ali.
Why did you sell most of your properties? Is it because of the “property bubble”?
Yes. I was reading a few books that explained about the US crash. Some reasons was the low interest rate, user-friendly mortgage, questionable borrowers and current owners refinancing. I shuddered when I read it. It is exactly like in Malaysia. That’s why I wrote the article, “The US property crash, could it happen here?”. For most current owners, even if their house is almost paid off, they refinance to get the money to invest in other properties because property prices have increased.
baca keseluruhan article ini di sini :
P.S. : Article ini dikongsi oleh En. Sahlan kepada ahli kelab Emas.

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